Soetanto Medical Services
Soetanto Medical Services (SMS) can provide heart disease treatments in Europe. All treatments would be performed by a highly qualified, first class heart surgeon / specialist with the best experience. The materials and equipment used are state of the art, employing only the best technological services provided for our time.

Soetanto will arrange all of you transportation needs, Flight and Land, to and from the airports, hotel, and hospital. All of the arrangements for surgery and even after treatment accommodations.
First Class Room
First Class Room
It is a known fact that the clean, fresh air helps with the healing process of the body, with that in mind, at the patients request SMS is able to arrange treatment in a location where that is possible, such as:
mountainous areas of Germany,
Austria, Switzerland.


SMS will give the best price estimation as possible depending on the treatment requested, price may vary depending on any further tests or procedures conducted. However; a better estimation can be done as soon as the first tests are completed in Europe.
Offices and Agents in :
The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Indonesia, China
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