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Soetanto International Supply bv
Tube Trailers
  • The Tube Trailers can be used to transport compressed gas such as Compresses Natural Gas (CNG), Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Methane, Argon, etc.
  • The Tube Trailers are comply with DOT, ISO 11120, ISO 668 and can be manufactured based on customer's requirements.
  • The Tube Trailers are designed and manufactured under high quality control and quality assurance to achieve the efficiency, maximum pressure and maximum payload.



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Soetanto International Supply bv
Specifications :
  • Tube Trailers based on customer's
    requirements and specifications.
  • High pressure tubes : 200 bar, 250 bar
    or based on requirement.
  • The tubes comply with DOT, ISO-11120,
    ISO-668, etc.
  • The tubes with light chassis trailer for DOT
  • Tubes skid/trailer capacity:
    1000 m3, 2000 m3, 3000 m3,
    5600 m3, 7000 m3   or
    based on customer requirement
  • Working Temperature : -50 oC - 65 oC
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The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Indonesia, China
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